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Obtained utility model patent certificate

[ The published date :2017/5/12     Editors : admin ]

Our company recently obtained two utility model patent certificates from State Intellectual Property Office. There are the single column mounting system and the new photovoltaic mounting system.
With the growing development of solar photovoltaic power generation, the bracket structure is an indispensable part of the photovoltaic power generation system as a supporting structure. The single column mounting system can achieve multi-angle adjustment and has defense ability and adapt to a variety of complex terrain. The new photovoltaic mounting system enables the PV module and the bracket to achieve internal electrically conductive and connect to the earth to avoid accidents due to the electrified bracket. In addition, both Japanese patents have been issued.
Technological innovation is the source of enterprise development. The Mount Makers continues to increase technology research and development, adhere to customer-oriented, and continuously enhance the technology research and development capabilities all along. The two utility model patents will positively impact us to develop the market and improve product quality.