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Purchased capacity has broken 3GW,Google reached 100% use of renewable energy goals

[ The published date :2017/12/12     Editors : admin ]

The reason we are able to access the Google engine at any time to search for data and use the cloud access function is that the servers are running continuously. They need to deal with trillions of search records per year and play more than 400 hours of YouTube video per minute,the cost of these 24 hours service is not to be underestimated.

According to statistics, Google consumed 5.7 terawatt-hours of electricity in 2015, it is equivalent to the total electricity consumption of San Francisco city in a year, the largest power consumption customer was 15 data centers in the worldwide: 9 in the United States, 3 in Europe and 2 in Asia (the first in Asia is located in Changhua Binhai Industrial Park in Taiwan, China) and one in South America.

According to Futurism, as wind and solar costs have dropped by at least 60-80%,Google recently generously signed three wind power contracts with a combined output of 535 MW including South Dakota 196 MW, Oklahoma 138.6 MW, lowa 200 MW. So that the company's investment in energy infrastructure exceeded 3.5 billion dollars and the total purchase of renewable energy capacity has been more than 3GW.

These do not mean that Google is just fulfilling its promise, on the contrary, Google uses renewable energy certificates (REC) to achieve its goals. By buying a certain amount of renewable energy power from the market to drive a market to build more wind power and solar power plants, it can be said that promoting renewable energy market is not only a big thrust, but also made Google become the world's largest green business buyer.

 The ratio chart of the purchase of renewable energy for global companies. (Source:Google)


Companies investing heavily in renewable energy are not just Google, the second largest buyer-Amazon currently purchases about 1.5GW, it was just half of Google. Microsoft contracted directly with renewable energy suppliers this summer to provide up to 25% of its headquarters in Washington; Apple also signed an agreement with NV Energy this year to use solar energy facilities to power the expanded Nevada data center.