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Taiwan will cut down solar FIT reduction range of 2018H1

[ The published date :2017/12/22     Editors : admin ]

Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs will cut FIT for photovoltaic power generation to NT$ 5.8744 (about US$ 0.20) per kWh in the first half of next year. This rate was 9% above the amount originally proposed in September this year - it was proposed to be reduced to NT $ 5.3848. 

In densely populated Taiwan, the roof gradually becomes fertile ground for solar energy facilities.

The FIT cut is targeted at solar installations below 20MW, thus covering the entire roof-top PV system in Taiwan. As of next year, the FIT of other devices such as ground-mounted and floating solar power will be NT $ 4.2429-4.6901 per kWh, the reduction is equivalent to 3.79% -5.8%.

Taiwan has been a leader in solar cell manufacturing in a long time and the government hopes to diversify its PV power and promote the development of domestic facilities. The island currently has only 2% renewable energy penetration and its goal is to reach 20% by 2025, which means that by then the installed capacity of photovoltaic will amount to 30GW. At present, Taiwan's cumulative solar power generation capacity is only about 1.4 GW.