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Gree has signed the world's largest photovoltaic air-conditioning project

[ The published date :2018-1-23     Editors : admin ]

According to media reports, Gree recently held a contract signing ceremony with multi-site engineering cooperation of Gree in the sales headquarters of Phoenix World Trade Center in Arizona. Phoenix World Trade Center covers an area of 600,000 square meters, and it will use all Gree's own brand of photovoltaic air-conditioning. The total cooling capacity is more than 4,200 tons of cold, and it is the United States and the world's largest photovoltaic air-conditioning project with more than 1,200 air-conditioning and more than 6.7MW of photovoltaic installed capacity.

Grees photovoltaic air-conditioning use direct drive technology, the direct use of air conditioning system made by photovoltaic DC is the industry's first, compared to the traditional use of photovoltaic panels and inverters, it saves at least 10% of the energy conversion loss.If the annual power generation of 10.5 million kwh can be calculated, 30 years of comprehensive emission reduction benefits will be 15 million yuan.

At present, Gree has set up 5000 sets of photovoltaic systems in 22 countries and regions around the world. Meanwhile, G-IEMS Local Energy Internet System was developed basing on the photovoltaic air-conditioning system.