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Pull force test of color steel roofing on site

[ The published date :2016/12/3     Editors : admin ]

The Mount Makers Co., Ltdindependently designed special fixtures of color steel roofing are widely used in the roof project at home and abroad. Our professional design and high quality also obtained the general customers' high praise and trust. However, there will be some voices of doubt. To reassure customers, our staffs came to the project site in person, carried out the pull force test.
According to the installation of the project, we analyzed the geographical environment in advance. By calculating the pull force of each fixture is about 59.2kg. Now it shows 100kg in the following on-site picture. So the fixture met the requirements.
The test process
The results
1、When in the 38.9m/s headwind, the upward pull is 522N. When the tesile test force is 1000N, the fixture has no damage or crack.
2、When the tesile test force is 1000N, the color steel tile has no damage or deformation.
3The test results met the project requirements. Due to the local limited experimental mode, we didn't do destructive testing in order to ensure the on-site safety and carry out tests smoothly.