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Our Single Pile and Conductive sheet got Japanese patents

[ The published date :2017/1/1     Editors : admin ]

Single Pile
With a increasingly tense of the energy supply, solar PV power generation as a new field of application is steadily growing. The Single Pile can be adjusted by multi-angle and be suitable for all kinds of complex terrain. The construction is convenient. And it has a good market background.
Conductive sheet
With the continuous development of clean energy, PV power generation projects have a growing proportion of clean energy. When the rainy days of lightning, static electricity in the air, the component board leakage will make the power station  conductive, when the maintenance staff touch the mounting, it is easy to get an electric shock and cause accidents. Therefore, we developed a conductive sheet, the spines will damage the surface oxide film in order to make a mounting overall conductivity, eventually the electricity drain to the ground to avoid accidents.
The patents have been applied to the company's main products. Obtaining the certification of the patents is not only the recognition of my company's technical team , but also the recognition of my company's product. In the meanwhile, it also has a catalytic role for my company's business activities. Thanks for your support.